What is - Onecell?

What is - Onecell?

onecellstore is a tattoo inspired clothing brand. 

The logo represent us the "Original" cell that was manifested in our world. 

as it was cell splitting to two and four and so on.. our goal is to create a clothing line that represent a new way of fashion and living with an open mind and full creativity in ouwearing and apparel.  

It all started from a cell division process that i got familiar with.

Life started from the "First Cell" and then divided into to cells and divided again so it developed into this life we are living now. Creativity in our day to day living is important, important enough for us to foster. You can start by reading, drawing, painting, photograph, hell even grow some vegetables in your yard or your balcony (porch). I just believe you should appreciate living in our beautiful world. enjoy every breath and every air you take and exhale. Enjoy living with a creative mind and inspired art all over the world. enjoy the music all kinds. all from metal punk rock or trance to psytrance to chill deep-house and techno. Follow some Instagram artists you can reach to tattoo artists and music artists to photograph artists that will inspire you to do more learn more enjoy the beauty in life. 

For me, Onecell will always be a truly nature and artistic word it is the kind of thing that remind you the beauty in life and the true nature of art and culture in people.


Onecell - "Where life started to manifest".