Take Charge of Your Wardrobe with Ink Clothing


Take Charge of Your Wardrobe with Ink Clothing

Ink clothing is not exactly new. In the 1960s, the Indonesian batik-style shirts were all the rage. People cannot get enough batik shirts. There was just something about the special ink splotches of Indonesian cloth printing that captured certain segments of the American population.


Unfortunately, this did not last long because no sooner had the whole batik shirt ink clothing rage take over the United States, than it was quickly superseded or replaced by Hawaiian shirts. Unlike batik shirts, which are basically relics of the 1960s popular culture in the United States, Hawaiian shirts continued to remain a fashion force in the US especially if you live in the tropics like Hawaii or the Virgin Islands or certain parts of California.


A lot of people may be thinking that this is just a simple function of fashion tastes changing. Not quite. You have to understand that when you adopt new fashion trends, you don't want to be the person who looks like a bandwagon climber. What do I mean by that?


You don't want to be the person who’s an obvious trendy. You just got onto the trend right when it broke, and you basically are just trying to go along to get along. You don't want to look like some sort of poser or impersonator or copy-cat. After all, in the United States the biggest social value is individuality and uniqueness.


Unfortunately, if you're just going to be jumping from one bandwagon to another, you're sending signals that are the precise opposite of those highly esteemed cultural values. The bottom line here is that you should not just go along with trends by wearing ink clothing.


You have to first be clear about what personal style you would like to communicate to the rest of the world. This should be your starting point. This should be your base.


When you have a clear idea of this, then you could then have a firm foundation for picking out the rest of your total look. I’m not even talking about ink clothing yet. I’m talking about just expressing your personal style with your haircut and facial hair.


These personal features go a long way in expressing your individuality. They really do. They proudly and loudly communicate to the rest of the world what is so unique about you. In other words, they explain in no uncertain terms the details that prevent you from just being another face in the crowd.


On top of this, you layer your clothing options. This is where your apparel comes in. Your personal taste in apparel can complement or take away from whatever unique personal style you have managed to establish up to this point.


Make no mistake the right tattoo clothing line is just part of the signals you send out. It is a very important part, but it is just a part of them. So, don't think that just because you're wearing the right clothes with the right people at the right setting that you would be producing all the right impressions with the right people. It would be great if things were that easy.


Unfortunately, there is no such thing as some sort of autopilot fashion sense. You have to focus on your personal branding and make the necessary tweaks, changes and modifications over an extended period until you get it right. This is not exactly the kind of quick and easy answer people are looking for, but it is also the answer that is closest to the truth.


The bottom line is your wardrobe is an extension of your personality. It has to be unique. It has to be different. It has to make you look anything but another face in the crowd.