Let Your Choice of Inked Apparel Express Your Desired Image


Let Your Choice of Inked Apparel Express Your Desired Image

Lets start off with Human Psychology

When you look at human psychology, there are actually two layers to our personal identity. On the one hand, there is our conscious identity. This is the identity that we present to the rest of the world. This identity, of course, is a product of the habits that we have picked up along the way.

It would be great to imagine that all these habits are chosen consciously. Unfortunately, they're not. In many cases, they are products of certain circumstances that we may have outgrown. They may also be products of certain influences that are no longer with us. Whatever the case may be we are kind of like the accumulation of all these different habits and choices, and they are expressed in our personal experience as well as personal appearance.

Unconscious and subconscious

On the other side of the coin are our unconscious or subconscious choices. These are harder to pin down. It's kind of like trying to freeze gelatin. It's doable, but you really can’t quite be sure what to expect.

Whatever people can see as far as our personal style and personal grooming, as well as nonverbal physical signals, are concerned, these are products of the interplay between these two aspects of our personal individual psychology.

  • awareness or perception of an inward psychological or spiritual fact: intuitively perceived knowledge of something in one's inner self
  • inward awareness of an external object, state, or fact
  • concerned awareness: INTEREST, CONCERN—often used with an attributive noun.

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Understand how this works because if you are desiring a certain public image, there might be quite a disconnect between the image you’re trying to project and the image that you're actually achieving in the minds of other people.


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Unfortunately, a lot of people look and act like clowns when they are unaware of this disconnect. I’m not just talking about hypocrisy here. I'm talking about a deep and profound personal inconsistency that applies across the board. It doesn't make you look right. It doesn't put you under the best of lights and you often say the wrong things at the wrong time.

This is why it's really a good idea to understand the disconnect between your desired image versus your actual image. You may be thinking that this is a simple matter of just looking in the mirror. It would be great if it were that easy, but the problem is most people are dealing with denial. Most people are dealing with all sorts of artificial realities that they themselves continue to subscribe to and this clouds their ability to see reality as it is.

Reality. What is it like and what is it really is?

Unfortunately, too many of us look at reality based on what we would like it to be instead of what it is. So, you have to get over that because if you're able to do that and plan accordingly, the right inked apparel can go a long way in expressing your desired image.

In other words, you would be able to take full ownership of the ability to come up with some sort of internal personal fashion image and then project it loudly and clearly into the outside world so there is no disconnect.

Sounds awesome, right? Well, it takes quite a bit of work. It also takes quite a bit of time. The good news is it is doable. Tattoo-inspired clothing can help you stand out. I'm not talking about standing out like a sore thumb. We're not talking about standing out in in the worst ways.


Instead, ink-type clothing can put your personality front and center. With the right fashion choices, you can end up owning commanding every room you physically find yourself in. Now, wouldn’t that be awesome?


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Well, all it takes is a bit of advanced planning and attention to detail. It also requires a good command of the different apparel options currently available on the market.

Whether you buy stuff online or through a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer, you have to know what you're doing. You have to understand that whatever disconnect may exist between your desired image and the actual image you are creating in the eyes of other people.