How to shop for tattoo inspired clothing?

How to shop for tattoo inspired clothing?


Tattoo inspired clothing is all the rage in the US and Western Europe. It's very easy to see why. Tattoo apparel uses designs that mimic how ink looks and behaves on human skin. While people can disagree on the beauty or aesthetic value of tattoos, what we all agree on is that ink on skin has its own distinct look. This is precisely the distinctive appeal of clothing inspired by tattoo art. 


When a person gets a tattoo, it's a life long commitment. There's no turning back unless you consider painful laser tattoo removal surgery an option. It also highlights their dedication to a particular design. If you're looking for tattoo inspired clothing, you have to pay attention to what makes tattoo apparel so distinctive. It all boils down to the interplay between skin and ink. It doesn't matter whether we're talking about colored ink or a plain black and flesh design. You have to focus on how ink looks on skin, not just when the tattoo is fresh, but over the years. This can give you a wide range of design options when looking for a tattoo design based clothing.


In terms of actual design options, the only limit is your imagination.


If you're into flowers or animal prints, there's a wide range of options out there. Looking for images of human portrait tattoo designs can be quite moving and even haunting. In terms of the actual object on the shirt's design, the sky's the limit. This is a subjective call. Everyone has a different definition of what looks good. Some people are into representational art, others are big on symbols and concepts. There's really no magic bullet solution that applies that looks good to all people.


 With that said, when you're shopping for tattoo apparel, focus on how faithful the design is to the interplay between human skin and tattoo designs. This is the only objective basis of quality. If the shirt does a lousy job of replicating this look, then you should keep browsing. Thankfully, there are tons of clothing options and brands available online which are inspired by tattoo art. Look for a high quality attention to detail that truly reflects this unique interplay between skin and tattoo ink. 


You should also focus on a high quality rendition of whatever design element or object you're looking for. If you're looking for a lion, look for either a realistic looking lion, or a lion that has all this stylistic embellishment that truly bring to life the concept as well as the energy and vibrancy of a real, breathing lion. Whether you're looking for symbolic beauty or something with a traditional representation, you won't run out of options when looking for tattoo inspired clothing online. 

  1. H&M
  2. Cropp


Use the selection criteria and guide above closely. By focusing on detail and that truly unique tattoo inspired look, you can go a long way in reflecting your personality and unique persona through your choice of this type of apparel.